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How to Initiate Your Promotional Event?

Setup your goal – What are you going to promote, what presentation/promotion strategy are you are going to choose, what would you like to achieve by conducting your event?

Define your target audience– Are you looking to invite your existing customers, partners, and prospects? – Once you know the answer to this question, you can determine the amount of people you are planning to invite.

Choose event type– Now that you know who you are targeting, you can come up with the proper type of promotional event that will suit your audience. By carefully reviewing the advantages of each option, you can determine which kind of event will have the greatest marketing value for your business (for example, a business conference vs. a corporate party).

Define event name–Next, you need to come up with an event name that will appeal to the audience you are targeting, meanwhile promoting your business so that even those who cannot attend will learn about your event and relate (can say “connect” or “link”) it to your business.

Define event content –Depending on the event type, “content” can consist of conference topics or agenda items (e.g., networking, speakers, etc) or types of entertainment (dinner, cocktail, shows, dancing).

Determine geographical location of the event–There are numerous factors to consider: accessibility, origin from which your guests will be arriving, accommodation options (if applicable), transportation, choice of venues in the area, seasonal weather conditions and more.

Set Date, Time and Duration– The final date will be subject to venue availability, however, if you have a specific date in mind you may look for a venue that is available on that date; event start time and duration are typically determined based on the preliminary program (event content).

Determine preliminary budget – While it is nearly impossible to calculate the event cost based on the preliminary data, you could decide that your event budget should not exceed value X (this set value could be adjusted as you learn more details about your event and whether funds are available).

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