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We adhere to the principle that every company is a large family. Each corporate event we prepare is a custom-made event, taking into consideration the tastes and preferences of the people that work for the client company. Our events are very special. Rather than giving you just another average corporate party to check off your to-do list, we provide you with a unique, tailored event that your staff will remember fondly. Here are just some components of our corporate party preparation:

1. VENUE SELECTION – with so many beautiful venues out there, we know sometimes it takes too much time to check them all, so companies may book the first venue that satisfies their budget. We can help you define your venue selection criteria (budget, location, limitations, logistics, capacity, etc.), pre-select a few venues based on that criteria and help you choose the best one for your event.

2. EQUIPMENT – we can provide any lighting and sound equipment to make your party look and sound great – from just speakers and a microphone to wall up-lighting, intelligent lights for the dance floors and podium, stage lighting, additional audio equipment for performances and much more.

3. PROGRAM – each company has its traditions, and corporate parties are always a good way to celebrate achievements in a fun, out-of-the-office way. We can help you create a scenario based on your company’s stories and milestones. We will also create and coordinate a detailed itinerary of the event.

4. MC SERVICE – our interactive MCs will not only host your event, but will fill it with unforgettable icebreaker games, prizes and giveaways.

5. DJ SERVICE – experienced DJs will play music for your cocktail reception and dance party, taking into consideration your song request list and style preferences.

6. LIVE PERFORMANCES – we can provide you with singers, live bands, circus acts, jugglers, magicians, single musicians, dancers and more.

7. COCKTAIL RECEPTION IDEAS – we can arrange greeters, a photo booth, close-up magic and other fun activities.

Regardless of your budget, we are happy to meet with you for a no-obligation presentation where we can propose a solution that will make your next corporate event very special and most importantly, unforgettable.

To setup a meeting, please call us 416.829.6519.

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